What Can I Offer You?

As a coach, I am there to enable you to live the life you truly want, to stimulate, motivate and challenge you, to ask questions and really listen to your answers. I will be there for you to help you overcome your fears and be there for you when you achieve your goals and stand at the top of the mountain, surrounded by beautiful views shouting, "YES, I DID IT"!



Life Coaching




Business Training

Teacher Coaching


Motivational Speaking

Having worked in the field of personal transformation for 17 years, and having many own personal life changing experiences, I have a wealth of experience and knowledge that I can share with you to enable you to live the life that you truly deserve.


Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness, launching in January 2017!

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Continual Study & Research

Years of continual study, research and experience combined with my own personal life experiences give me an exceptional understanding of my clients thoughts and behaviours, and I pride myself on being unique and offering not only life changing therapies, but dedicated support following your session also.

Being highly qualified in many fields such as Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Visual Coding Displacement Therapy ( being personally trained by Nik & Eva Speakman), Mentoring and Hypnotherapy is obviously important, but what makes me totally unique is my incredible passion for the work that I do. Having been at "rock bottom" myself many years ago, I know what it’s like to feel desperate for help, but I also know how amazing it feels to overcome challenges and live the life of your dreams!

Years of Training

When you choose to work with me, I will share with  you not only my knowledge from my years of training, but my own personal strategies that I implemented to create the  amazing life that I have today, so that you too can experience the true euphoria of  living and loving what you do.

Whether you have a fear or phobia, depression (or “overwhelm”), anxiety, relationship issues, a lack of confidence or are simply feeling lost, I can help. The freedom of running my own practice, allows me to work with my clients and offer spectacular service, and I regularly work with clients from all over the UK, who travel to see me in order to experience their own personal breakthroughs.

Positive Thinking & Actions

When you choose to work with me, I will be there for you 100%, all of the way, because I truly believe that we can achieve anything we want in life, with the right help influencing the power of positive thinking and positive actions. My passion for my work comes from an undeniable inner core strength formed from adversity and my own life experiences, and my mission in life is to touch as many lives as possible by creating breakthroughs, so that YOU too can feel free, empowered and incredibly happy!