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There are so many coaches/therapists out there, how do I choose?
Firstly, it is really important to check that the coach/therapist is qualified and experienced. Secondly, the most successful coaches and therapists and those that literally “walk their talk”, and have total belief in their abilities as a professional. Ensure that you speak to them on the telephone before booking a session, as this will become evident during conversation.

What is the difference between hourly sessions and Breakthrough sessions?
Regular hourly sessions are suitable for those that live closer by, or for those that want to progress week by week with support. Breakthrough Sessions are for those that live further afield, or for those that want to experience the power of a Breakthrough in one day.

What type of people do you usually work with?
Many of my clients have struggled to find help elsewhere, and have exhausted many options before coming to see me. Others have found waiting lists far too long when wanting free help, and others simply know they want to change. I work with people of all ages from all walks of life, and have much experience working with both children and adults of all ages.

How do I know what I need with regards to Life Coaching, Visual Coding Displacement Therapy  Hypnotherapy etc?
I am highly skilled in many areas, and will probably know what you need before you do given my experience! I generally use all of my skills and knowledge combined to ensure that you make the changes that you need, and will discuss this with you during your appointment.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
No I do not offer a money back guarantee, and please be wary of any therapist that does offer this. What I can guarantee however is that I will totally commit to your change, and support you not only during the session, but after the session also. Following a Breakthrough Session, you also receive 2 x 30 mins telephone calls to ensure that your progress continues.  I pride myself on my client satisfaction, and keep in touch with the majority of my clients following their transformations. A huge amount of my work comes from past client referrals, which obviously speaks volumes.