Fears & Phobias

We were born with only 2 fears – the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises. Other fears develop from our experiences, and our learnings.

No-one is ever born afraid of spiders, clowns, buttons, baked beans or flying! Any fears or phobias related to these are simply responses that have been ‘learnt’. So it’s entirely possible that if we learn to be afraid, then we can learn to be unafraid again!

Phobias usually start small, but then grow as time passes. Their growth can cause extreme negative reactions, which can be potentially life limiting.

I can help you free yourself from fear, whatever your fear may be. Together we will work through one or more techniques to allow you to process the traumatic memory, which initially triggered your fear.

How Does It Work?

The techniques use, enable the traumatic memory to be reprocessed so that it becomes stored as an ‘ordinary’ memory, rather than a threatening memory. The memory is shifted in the brain from the amygdala to the neocortex.

The amygdala is the part of the brain that alerts us to danger, and stimulate the fight or flight response. Usually, information associated with a potentially threatening experience is passed to the amygdala. This information then forms into a sensory memory, which is then passed to the hippocampus, and then to the neocortex, where it is stored.

If a situation appears highly dangerous or life threatening, this sudden information overload causes sensory memories to remain stuck in the amygdala instead of being passed on to the neocortex. Stuck in the amygdala, the memory remains ‘real and in the present’, and causes feelings of extreme panic and fear.

Techniques used, allow the ‘stuck memory’ to be processed appropriately, and put into perspective.


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