Fluffy Or Deep and Meaningful Conversation?

I have this week been particularly inspired by the words from Bear Grylls, during an episode of “Bear’s Wild Weekends”, in which he was filmed spending the weekend in challenging terrain with Miranda Hart.

Sat on a beautiful and isolated mountain, Miranda spoke to Bear about his love for his work, and guessed that it was the connection to nature that resulted in a feeling of “groundedness” that kept him in pursuit of his passion. “Actually its more that I love connecting with people, and that in the wilderness stripped back to nothing, deep and meaningful relationships are formed”, he replied, “And it’s that, that I love most of all”.


Discussion then followed about the relationships that we have in our normal working lives today. Surrounded by mobiles phones and computers, could it be that communication has simply become “strings of fluffy words” , the bare essentials of keeping in touch? Do these words that flow from our fingers instead of our lips have less depth or meaning? Have we fallen into the habit of just “skimming the surface” of conversation instead of going to greater depths to build and sustain relationships? How much effort do we really make tocommunicate face to face, or heart to heart?

It doesn’t take much to find evidence of “fluffy communication”, as home telephones become redundant replaced by conversations on computers and mobile devices, as we fill with fear contemplating a world without Wifi.

Communication may be faster, and we may be obtaining quicker results in our work or our lives, but my question for you is, “What are we losing as we type instead of giving our time?”

As I reflect on my thoughts I find myself reminded of the importance of the giant paella pan in our garage that finds its way down to the beach with family and friends on quiet summer’s evenings. All who come along, bring ingredients to contribute towards the giant paella, and we chop and prepare the food on the beach and build a fire surrounded by rocks. We sit in peace watching the fire lick the sides of the pan as our food simmers releasing delicious tempting aromas of chorizo and smoked paprika that would tickle any taste buds. We cook, we sit, we eat and we talk, smile and laugh….and find ourselves having deep, intense, wonderful conversations and as I type I recognise that the warmth we feel inside during these moments comes from the connections that we create and sustain as we communicate.

As you read my words, I’d love you to be thinking about your communication, and you may be asking yourself, “What can I do to enhance my connections and relationships?”

My advice to you is this: Take yourself back to nature with family and friends, and leave technology at home. Replace “fluffy words” with a self built “fire”, and enjoy the warmth of not only the embers, but of deep and meaningful conversation.


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