Get Naked, Get Changed

We need to get naked. (I’m not talking about whipping off your clothing, I’m speaking metaphorically for those wide eyed in shock). There will be times in our lives when we find ourselves ‘stripped naked’ through adversity. All that we thought we were often disappears in times of personal challenge, leaving us questioning our purpose and identity. Comments such as “I feel so empty inside” spill from our lips, as we try to make sense of our feelings.

I’d like you to reflect on ‘nakedness’ from a fresh new perspective. Experience tells me that when we lose ourselves, it can be a wonderful opportunity to really find ourselves. How many people do you know that are living a life less than they deserve? (There is a chance you could be one of them). We are born happy with limitless potential but as we grow, we are influenced by others and experiences. We begin to live lives that we think we should be living, instead of the lives that we want to be living. This chips away at our soul, our smile and our happiness.

When we get ‘naked’, we are stripped back to nothing, so that we can find everything. Standing naked we need to dig deep to find our strength, and we do. Standing naked we re-connect with our values, and the things that are really important to us. We can never find our shine living amongst the stars of another. Adversity is the gift that gently guides us back towards our own stars, so that we can live the life we really want, connected to our hearts, souls and spirits.

The truth is, we cannot control what happens to us, but we can control how we react. We will all experience adversity within our lives that is for sure. There will be days that we all feel hopelessly devastated and lost. There will be days that we want to cry, rant and scream. But there will also be a day when we realise that if we look hard enough in the darkness, we discover a new kind of light.

The ‘nudies’ are the lucky ones. We get to feel nothing, so that we can find everything. Adversity is the way that we find our way back home, from our head to our heart. Only when we live from our heart can we find our truth and our happiness.

(If these words resonate with you, then you may well enjoy reading more about nakedness and happiness, within the pages of my self help book Strip Naked & Re-Dress With Happiness, How To Survive & Thrive Through Personal Challenge, available on Amazon and in Waterstones).




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