Is Your Soul In Tune?

Do you seek answers? Do you wish you knew what to do? The truth is, you were born with the words in you. Every piece of advice you have ever sought is in you right now, and always has been. It’s called your intuition, or your inner guidance, otherwise known as your soul.


There was a time in your life when you knew exactly what to do. As a small child you probably spent the day doing what you loved, surrounded by people of your choice. If you wanted something then you asked for it, and if you didn’t understand you asked “Why?”.  As a small child you lived from your soul, refusing to compromise.

As adults we often find ourselves living a compromised existence. By this, I mean living a life that someone else has suggested or designed for us, a life that we have fallen into on the advice of others. Our soul that should be singing its own sweet unique song becomes an amalgamation of the borrowed music of others. We are left with an orchestral disaster within and our souls become distinctly out of tune.

The wonderful thing however, is that we are incredibly fortunate in that we are given signs that we are experiencing this internal conflict. Have you ever had a feeling of unrest from within that just doesn’t go away? Do you feel frustrated or unsatisfied with your current life? You may have noticed that these feelings seem relentless? Absolutely, because your soul is relentless.  It will never give up because it wants you to hear its message.

You can choose today to keep busy, and to distract yourself so that you don’t have to listen to your message. You can choose to avoid the truth, because facing the truth would mean change and change is scary.

Or, you can choose to finally listen to your soul and embrace every word. You can choose to treat your soul to some quiet time and seek solitude in nature and allow your words to surface. Seeking solitude eradicates external noise and increases the volume of your true voice so that you can face your truth. You can face your truth and accept that change is necessary and sometimes scary. But you can also accept that staying where you are for the rest of your life is scarier.

Make today the day that you make the decision to sing your own song. Make today the day that you decide to ‘re-tune’ your soul and live the life that you truly deserve and desire. Take time out to seek solitude, because in solitude are the keys to tuning your soul.


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