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About Maria

I am happily married, living on the coast with my husband and 3 teenage children.  My interest in personal transformation began 18 years ago whilst working as a self-employed fitness/gym instructor in the local community; I thrived on enabling people to physically transform and became increasingly interested in the psychological aspects of change, and recognised that I naturally had the skills to literally help people to turn around their lives.

I first discovered life coaching and rapidly followed this training by studying NLP to trainer level, alongside Hypnotherapy, and Visual Coding Displacement Therapy, being personally trained in VCDT by Nik & Eva Speakman.  My skills as a coach/therapist quickly became recognised by many, and my business began to flourish, and my life became more amazing that I ever thought possible. Ever thirsty for new knowledge, I continued to personally study, research and attend other trainings with some of the best life coaches in the world, and build on my existing skills. Even to this day I continue to research and study and expand my knowledge, so that I remain “at the top” as a coach. I have a huge interest in the brain, neuroscience and what really happens inside our heads when we make changes, and I have a wealth of knowledge on this subject having been one of the few trained by the David Hamilton, PhD,  one of the leading scientists in mind-body transformation.

Incredible Ride

My own personal life has been an incredible ride, and I have faced adversity beyond belief. Eighteen years ago after the birth of my second child, I lost all of my hair in just a few weeks and literally hit rock bottom, and literally had to re-build my life and my identity. A couple of years later, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome decided to come and visit, and wiped me out for a year.  At the age of 38, I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and underwent a 9 hour operation to break my hip socket into 3 to re-mould it; the relief was only temporary and I eventually had my hip replaced at the age of 40, and also have arthritis in the other, so it will only be a matter of time before that is replaced too.  Just last year, my husband was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that has already started to affect his sight as well as cause many other health problems, so my life has definitely been a journey so far! Every adversity I have faced however has brought with it an incredible gift, which has made my life far more fulfilling. Losing my hair was the best thing that ever happened to me, and having to re-build my life and rediscover my identity was a massive gift that has given me so much knowledge, knowledge that I now pass onto my clients to enable them to make changes too. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome taught me much about life balance and stress, and exceptionally fuelled my interest in holistic therapies having used these to recover. I worked for 2 years as a holistic therapist following this, and learnt so much about the mind and body, and the knowledge gained remains invaluable in my work today. Hip dysplasia gave me the chance to immerse myself in NLP training, and refusing to be held back, did a large part of my training in a wheelchair, which began just a few days after a huge operation. My husband’s diagnosis with a rare genetic disorder has been the biggest gift of all, because it’s made us both realise how important it is to live for today, and our lives have been even more fulfilling since.

Feeling of Success

I want YOU to experience the same feeling of success….of vibrancy and exuberance! I want you to feel excited about your life, yourself and what lies ahead for you. And I want you to learn to believe in yourself…..because when you do you will be capable of more than you ever thought possible! When you begin to believe in yourself you will be amazed at the changes you can make.

My own personal adversities have taught me that life really is “all about attitude” and that with the right mind-set, anything is possible. I love my life, and every day I get to work with people to show them how to love their life too.

Zest for Life

My life experiences have been seeds for my gigantic “zest for life”…I just love meeting new people, having new experiences and constantly learning. I love the outdoors…walking my dogs across the beach on a windy day in the winter, I love to ski and look down from the top of a breathtakingly beautiful snow covered mountain, and kayak the coast discovering hidden gems of tranquillity.  But most of all, I love to life coach, because my passion for enabling clients to change their lives is and always has been straight from my heart and soul.