Time To Change Lives

How often do you stop and give someone your time? Do you make time for people, or is life simply too busy? I’d like to share with you a true story, that touched me deeply and continues to drive me to spread this message today:


Patrick was an elderly gentleman that I first came to see in an elderly care home. I visited the care home regularly to spend time with a friend and often watched Patrick in the corner, sat alone looking incredibly lonely and sad. He didn’t join in with any activities and just sat, staring through the window with dull lifeless eyes, on my every visit. Initially, I concluded that he was a more solitary individual who preferred his own company, but with every visit, I got more curious about his behaviour.

One particular day, I decided to walk over and sit next to Patrick, in an attempt to brighten his day. Slightly reluctant to talk at first, I seemed to only receive one word answers. Recognising that I probably wasn’t going to give up and go away, he eventually began to open up. He spoke about his childhood and his happy memories. Captivated, I listened intently. I saw his eyes begin to sparkle, and his soul shining bright, and the man in front of me become unrecognisable compared to the man that I had been watching in the corner for weeks.

Pausing for thought, he then looked me right in the eyes and I heard  the words that the pierced my soul.

“Do you know that nobody usually talks to me”, he said. “Don’t be silly Patrick”, I replied, “There are plenty of people here who talk to you”,  desperately not wanting to believe what I was hearing. “No”, he said with a sadness in his voice and a heaviness in his heart as his eyes sank to the floor.  “Because I can feed and dress myself, no-one ever talks to me”.

To this day, this experience continues to be a driving force for me to make a difference, and I hope that you are too inspired by his words. You too have the ability to change someone’s day, and touch their heart,  simply by giving a little of your time.

Please, please share this message with your friends,  and make a difference to someone’s life today.



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