I was recently inspired by a 3 year old girl, after following her and her mother into a lift after breakfast in a hotel one morning.

The little girl pressed the button for floor 1, which then lit up. My husband then pressed 2. The little girl watching my husband then looked him and with a raised voice said “No! It’s number 1!” I gently explained that we were on floor 2. Refusing to accept my explanation she indignantly threw her arms down as she stomped and told us angrily that we were ‘cheating’. We suppressed our laughter in an attempt to respect her feelings as the doors opened on floor 1, and she marched out followed by her very embarrassed and apologetic parent.

The lift doors closed, and unable to suppress our laughter anymore, we collapsed to the floor in hysterics. The truth is, we were all that child once. There was a time in our lives when we spoke our minds without the fear or worry of judgment. Our communication as adults is drastically restricted when compared to that of a child, as we try to conform and fit in. This can lead to frustration and stress.

I’m not suggesting that you should all have hissy fits in a lift, but I do wonder how much better you would feel if you took inspiration from this story, and this little girl? What would it be like if occasionally you imagined stepping into the shoes of a child, to express yourself? Would speaking openly and honestly benefit your communication? There is a good chance that this could significantly lower stress and frustration! So the next time that you feel stress building and want to speak your mind, imagine stepping into pink sparkly princess pumps, or tiny trainers with flashing red lights! Step in, and let the ‘real you’ step out!


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