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About Me

I am happily married with three children, all now young adults and live on the coast of England. I’ve had a strong interest in personal development for as long as I can remember. This was strongly fuelled by my own personal experiences, and adversities. Having faced a few, I’ve re-built my life on more than one occasion, and discovered more happiness and fulfilment as a result. Yes, I have a studied, trained and researched in many, many fields and hold a whole host of beneficial qualifications, including coaching, mentoring, NLP and hypnotherapy to name a few. My passion however, and my obsession with enabling others to live the best possible life, comes from my own personal challenges. I’ve been at rock bottom, but I’ve climbed my way to the top (at least four times). I now have no option but to enable others to find their way too because I have an insane desire to facilitate transformation in as many people as possible, whilst I’m here on this earth.

My own personal journey has taught me so much, that I have no option but to share, because I know that what I’ve learnt can help so many. What I teach and share works, and I’m walking talking proof.

Fourteen years being bald taught me that how we look, isn’t as important as how we live. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which nearly took me off my legs for a year) taught me that with persistence, determination and knowledge, anything is possible. A diagnosis of hip dysplasia in my mid 30’s, followed by a huge operation taught me that mind-set really is everything. (Refusing to let it stop me, I completed a vast amount of coach training in my wheelchair). An eventual hip replacement at the age of 37 years, taught me yet more. And the biggest challenge was my husband’s diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder called Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum, which constantly threatens not only his health, but his sight. As a family we constantly face many challenges as a result, but the biggest challenge (PXE) has been the biggest gift, because it’s taught us to REALLY live. My passion is to pass this knowledge onto YOU so that YOU TOO can live a phenomenal life.

I want you to experience the same feelings of success, of vibrancy and exuberance. I want you to know how it feels to feel truly alive. I want you to feel excited about your life, yourself and what lies ahead for you. And I want you to believe in yourself, because when you do, you will be capable of more than you ever thought possible.

Working together, you will see evidence of my passion. Working with me, your life will change. The knowledge that you will gain, and the changes that you will make will benefit you immensely for the rest of your life. And positively impact the lives of others as a result.

If this interests you, then call me now on 07922 046740, to book your free, no obligation telephone consultation.