Overcome Fear, Create Change!

I discovered this sign in Birmingham this weekend and found myself deep in thought as a result

When we think about creating change, it’s sometimes tempting to take a trip down our own ‘needless alley’s. We think about the worst possible outcome, as we consider all that could go wrong. Spending too much time in this place, otherwise known as your comfort zone (the place where you sacrifice your dreams for a comfortable existence), will lead to unhappiness.

The word ‘needless’ is of paramount importance. We may believe that we need protection, but this belief is often a product of a past experience. What we fail to remember is that we are older and wiser, with more resources. The belief that restricts us causes pain and frustration, because we’ve ‘outgrown’ it. It literally doesn’t fit who we are now. If it’s ‘too tight’ it will literally squeeze the life out of us. We end up living as a lesser version of ourselves. And we deserve more.

So why not step out of your ‘needless valley’ and onto the path that you really want and deserve? Let go of YOUR old beliefs…. BE BOLD and make that change!



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