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VCDT Visual coding Displacement Therapy

VCDT (Visual Coding Displacement Therapy) is a very effective and powerful process that can be used to help treat a very wide range of issues.

There are very few VCDT practitioners world-wide and I am fortunate to be one of them that was personally trained by Nik & Eva Speakman.

The process involves identifying the ‘location’ of a ‘stored memory’ using eye cues. The memory is then neutralised using VCDT.

Please note that although the process of VCDT itself is very rapid, there is a lot of pre-work that needs to be done prior to the treatment itself in the form of powerful conversation. Throughout the conversations that we have, there will be strategies that I am using to ‘loosen the legs’ of your fear/trauma. These will not be obvious to you but they will prove to be strong foundations for your change.

Therefore it is imperative that you understand that the session will consist of various tools and techniques to allow you to find the freedom and happiness that you deserve.

F. A. Q’s

Why will you be using a variety of techniques during our session?

When we suffer from anxiety, fear or traumatic memories, there will be behaviours that we have unconsciously put in place to ‘help ourselves’. What we don’t realise is that many of these behaviour patterns actually help to keep the fear, trauma or unwanted memory in place. It is therefore essential to identify these patterns and work on them to support your change. Please be reassured that I am highly trained and qualified in many areas such as Life Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Mentoring, so you are in good hands!

How long will the session be?

Many of my clients travel from all over the UK to Cornwall to experience a 4 hour breakthrough session with me. This session is held in a tranquil location and involves a 45 minute follow up telephone call 1 week after our appointment. Further follow-up calls can also be arranged if required.

How will I feel after the session?

“Lighter”, “positive”, “full of hope” are just some of the expressions that my clients have used. You too, could be using those same expressions should you choose to work with me.