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What You Need To Know to Overcome Depression

Do you know what you need?

If not, then you may be experiencing depression as a result.

The knowledge that I am about to share with you, I regularly share with my clients.

For those with depression it makes a huge and very positive impact.

Understanding the WHY behind their feelings allows them to step through their feelings.

As human beings, we all have certain needs. If those needs are not fulfilled, then we will experience negative and overwhelming feelings.

Tony Robbins discovered that through 40 years of research, our essential needs are:

  • Certainty – we all have a need to know that we have some things that ‘stay the same’.
  • Variety – we need excitement and change to avoid too much certainty and boredom.
  • Significance – we all need to feel that we are visible and ‘matter’.
  • Love/Connection – we need close and intimate connections; we need to love and be loved.
  • Growth – we need to learnt, experience and grow.
  • Contribution – we need to contribute to others and add value to the lives of others.

These needs are so strong, that they drive our behaviours.

If you are meeting all of these needs on a regular basis, then you will experience a life full of joy and happiness.

Should you be failing to meet some of these needs, then you are likely to experience negative emotions and find yourself with the label ‘depression’.

Our desire to meet these needs is so powerful, that we will meet them in any way possible.

If we can’t meet a need in a positive way, then it’s likely that we will try to meet it in a negative way.

For example, if a spouse feels insignificant within a relationship, then it’s possible that they will seek significance elsewhere. This often results in an affair with another.

If someone with an illness has increased love or connection as a result, then they are less likely to ‘fully recover’ because their ill health brings fulfils a need that isn’t being met in another way.

This is not a conscious decision, but an unconscious reality.

One particular lady that I knew found herself in a wheelchair following an accident. She still sits in her wheelchair to this day.

Knowing this woman very well, I can see that she could recover and become more mobile. So, why would she not want to ‘get better’?

Prior to her accident she was very lonely. As a result of her accident she now has carers that come to see her three times a day. She meets her need for love and connection.

These carers take her to different places. This meets her need for variety. People give her attention, therefore meeting her need for ‘significance’.

Unless this lady finds a way to meet these needs in a more positive way, then she will not ‘recover’.

To live the best possible life, we need to ensure that we are meeting our needs in positive ways.

If you are suffering from depression, then there is a high chance that needs are not being met.

If you find yourself working a 60-hour week, without time to pursue a romantic relationship, that you desire then you will be unhappy.

If you are stuck in a rigid routine, eventually the lack of variety will cause negative feelings.

If it’s important to you to learn but you have found yourself ‘stagnant’ for a long time, then you will start to feel negative emotions.

If you are feeling overwhelming negative emotions or find yourself labelled with depression, then I’d highly recommend writing down the 6 human needs above.

Then ask yourself:

“How am I currently meeting this needs?”.

You may be surprised to discover that the root of your depression may well be a symptom that your needs are not being met.

Ask yourself:

“What actions can I take to ensure that my needs are being met?”

Create a plan and take small steps to step up and out of depression.

I also suggest checking out the studies on the benefits of turmeric and curcumin with regards to a complementary approach to overcoming depression: Turmeric and Curcumin to aid depression.

“Peel off the label” and live the life that you truly deserve. 

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