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Are You Aware Of Your Impact?

Last week, whilst in Corfu I found myself inspired by a particular man. Sat around the pool (trying to cool down in searing temperatures!) I noticed one man lying alone on a sun lounger. It became evident that he wasn’t surrounded by friends or family, as most were.

I watched as he began a conversation with a family close by. I overheard him say that he was at the resort for his brother’s wedding but had arrived 2 days early. As he talked they began to smile and laugh. He listened intently to their words and they were captivated by his presence.

A few minutes later, he walked around the pool and struck up a conversation with another stranger, this time an elderly gentleman. I watched the man go to the bar and return with a drink for both of them. I observed them sharing stories, heartfelt moments and many smiles.

An hour later, I saw the same man throwing a ball for some children in the pool, whilst their parents watched. It became evident that the children clearly loved the playfulness and he kept them entertained for quite some time. It was a delight to hear their squeals of laughter and to witness them having so much fun.
The same man went on to light up many more lives that day. He gave people his time, made people smile and made people feel valued and special. Watching him lift the lives of so many was incredibly inspirational and reminded me of the often unconscious impact we have on others.

When we walk into a room, or into an environment with others, we have an impact. We literally ‘affect’ the room. Our presence can either elevate the good mood of others or bring it down. We can either be life lifters or life limiters.

I strive to always be a ‘lifter’. My aim is to always leave the room or an environment in a better place than when I arrived. Throughout my own adversities, I felt the pain of not feeling valued or important in this world. It hurt. A lot. (Read about my story here: This pain is now my power, as I strive to make everyone that I meet feel as if they matter. And you have this ability too.

Strike up a conversation with a stranger. Listen with your ears, eyes, and heart. Never underestimate the power of human touch; a hug or a simple hand on the shoulder communicates so much. Understand that we always have the power to increase and enhance our communication.

We all have the power to be life lifters.

My question to you is “Are you using your power?”

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