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How To Overcome The Fear Of Failure

Are you afraid of creating change in your life through fear of failure? Do you constantly wonder how you can overcome the fear of failure?

Do you have a dream you wish you could pursue but worry that you won’t be a success?

Or is your mind polluted by the opinions of others who believe that you should stay as you are?

The fear of failure is like superglue.

Without addressing our fears we stay stuck.

We stay stuck in a job that we don’t like.

We stay stuck in a relationship that doesn’t fulfil us.

We stay stuck in a life that doesn’t feel like our own.

My question to you is:

“What if the word failure didn’t exist?”

Take a moment to really ponder this.

The first time that I found myself pondering this led to quite an epiphany. You may experience a similar moment of enlightenment yourself!

It was as if all perceived limitations suddenly dropped away.

I felt like I could ‘see bigger and wider’.

A whole new world made itself known as I began to contemplate the enormity of what could be possible!

Driven by my moment of euphoria, I decided to totally eliminate the fear of failure from my life. And you can too.

Here is my 3-step guide to initiating the divorce process:

Understand that a fear of failure is created by predicting the worst possible outcome.

If you want to leave your job and become self-employed you may imagine rapidly dwindling savings.

You may imagine not being able to afford food for you and your family.

You may imagine your home being repossessed and bowing to the ‘nay-sayers’ and saying, “You were right”.

You grow your fear of failure by feeding it these thoughts.

To eradicate the fear of failure you need to starve it by thinking about the best possible outcome.

If you feel stuck in a relationship that is detrimental to your well-being, you may imagine that you will be alone forever (a definite fear of failure ‘feeder’).

What is far more beneficial is to imagine the best possible outcome.

Imagine meeting someone that truly loves you as you deserve to be loved.

Imagine the joy that you could experience together.

Imagine what you would see, hear or feel with a partner that you really love.

You grow the fear of failure by thinking certain thoughts.

You have the power to grow it, but you also have the power to starve it.

Think different thoughts.

Write down your reasons for wanting to overcome the fear of failure.

This will help you to understand the pain that this fear causes you.

Within pain there is power.

As human beings, we are driven to move away from pain and towards pleasure.

Writing down the reasons for severing your ties will associate great pain with the fear of failure.

This will help to motivate you to divorce failure and never, ever go back.

If your job starves your soul, then write down “causing unreasonable behaviour!”

Replace the word ‘failure’ with ‘feedback’.

This is essential because stuff will happen. Things won’t always go to plan. We can’t always guarantee the outcome.

It could be so easy to return to old ways of thinking and assume that we have ‘failed’. So we need to ensure that we have a strategy in place so that we don’t!

Replacing the word failure with feedback is your strategy.

If something doesn’t work, we are closer to knowing what will work. We can experiment with different actions and behaviours.

For example, if you start your own business and income isn’t as prolific as anticipated then you know that something needs to change. You could say to yourself, “These actions didn’t get the results that I intended. What actions could I take instead? What could I try doing differently that may get me the desired outcome?”

Every day you make hundreds if not thousands of choices.

Each choice you make can determine the outcome of your day, month or life.

Choosing to divorce the fear of failure is one choice that will substantially improve your life and your happiness!

For further reading, why not check out:

Fail More, Embrace, Learn & Adapt To Failure As A Way To Success

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