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What Does A Life Coach Actually Do?

“What exactly do you do?” is a question that I’ve heard on multiple occasions since becoming a coach. Being a life coach evokes much curiosity!

I believe that we all have the desire to live a better and more fulfilling life.

Have you ever wished for a different job? Or a different relationship? Or more happiness?

We’ve all experienced such thoughts and often allowed them to fade because we think it’s not possible, or we don’t know how to make it happen.

The benefits of working with a life coach are:

  • A life coach helps you turn your wishes into reality.
  • A life coach brings out the best in you (even when you can’t see it yourself) and is are there to celebrate your success!

A relationship with a life coach is beautifully unique and very, very powerful:

  • Imagine having someone who you could talk to openly without the fear of being judged.
  • Imagine having someone who believes in you and your capabilities, even when you first don’t.
  • Imagine living the life that you once thought was never, ever possible.

Some life coaches (like myself) having trained in multiple fields also have the tools and knowledge to help you through past issues that may be holding you back.

Holding many other qualifications within Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Visual Coding Displacement Therapy, I am able to work with a huge range of clients.

I also help people to free themselves from their past to live an inspiring future!

Life coaches generally work either face to face, via the telephone or via Skype.

As a client, you will discuss your needs with a coach prior to beginning a coaching programme and then arrange regular coaching sessions.

At the end of every session, there will be an agreement to complete tasks to ensure continued progress.

Holding yourself accountable to a coach means that you do these tasks and move towards the life you desire!

Here are some examples of results that my clients (names protected) have experienced working with me:

Sarah’s Story

Sarah came to see me as she was unhappy. She felt unfilled and as if she was living life for everyone else.

Working together we helped her to re-connect to herself, her talents and her dreams.

She has set up her own business and employs 2 other people.

She now prioritising her happiness as she knows that it positively impacts her family.

She still regularly returns for coaching ‘top-ups’ to ensure that she stays on track.

Simon’s Story

Simon had experience a heart attack. It had a major psychological impact on him.

He realised that time was running out, and that life wasn’t forever.

Working together, I helped him ‘use his challenge’ to create a better life. He now works as a postman and is very happy and healthy.

He also volunteers on a regular basis for a disability group which brings him much joy.

He admits he has never been happier.

His relationship with his wife has improved substantially and she admits that his change has positively impacted her life too.

Patricia’s Story

Patricia has suffered abuse as a child. She grew up believing that she this defined her life which severely limited who she thought she could be.

She has been taking anti-depressants for years, yet still felt depressed.

She came to see me believing that there was no hope.

Working together I helped her to use what she had been through as a platform to live an amazing life.

She discovered her strength, and her dreams and she took action.

Six months after working with me she boarded a plane with a friend to travel the world.

On her return she found a job that she loved.

She also now understands the value of contribution and volunteers and helps other whenever she can.

A life coach can help you find much joy and fulfilment.

I always felt that a life coach is the ‘teacher that you really needed in secondary school but never had’ because:

  • We are taught much within school, but we are not taught how to be happy.
  • We are not taught that what we believe either limits or unleashes our potential.
  • We are not taught that to be truly happy we need to do what we love.

A life coach will not tell you how to live, but ask very specific questions so that you find your own solutions.

This is why coaching is so, so powerful; you find your own answers.

With access to your own answers, you identify your ‘truths’ and what you really need to be happy!

Knowing what you really want to do (instead of doing what you think you should do) will allow you to move into the life that you want.

Holding yourself accountable for your changes to your coach will enhance your progress.

My clients experience profound transformations on a regular basis, and I accept nothing less because:

  • I cannot let others live believe that they are ‘not enough’.
  • I cannot let others live believe that what they are experiencing is all that there is.
  • I cannot sit back, and watch people deny their potential.

My mission is to change as many lives as possible, in the time that I have here on earth.

If you would like work with me and change your life, then let’s connect!

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